Other Useful Information

The departure details below are mainly for the coach tours (Treasures/Highlights/Conquest of Europe) and DOES NOT apply to other tours (e.g. Andalusia, Eastern Europe, etc).

DEPARTURE DETAILS (ONLY for Treasures/Conquest/Highlight of Europe tours) & The importance of being in London the night before departure

The departure time can vary so please refer to the joining instruction communicated directly to you regarding your tour. In most cases, participarts are required to be at the departure point by 7:30am for loading and seat arrangement purposes. The coach usually departs at 8.00am sharp from Park Lane, London (By the Speaker's corner in Hyde Park). You have to be on time as we do not practice ‘Janji Melayu’ in regards to punctuality. It is therefore a very good idea to be in London the night before.

Please inform us about your accommodation in London and preferably
mobile telephone number so that we can keep in touch if any problem arises.


The departure point for all the tours will be at:

Park Lane, London
(The road by the Hyde Park Speaker's Corner - after the bus-stops)

To get to Park Lane, you can take the tube to Marble Arch station and follow the map (on the right). Park Lane is within walking distance from Marble Arch tube station.

Map to Park Lane

Missed the coach? You better get on your bike!


Call our mobile phone on +44 (0) 7767-686301 as soon as you know that you cannot make it on time. If you do miss the coach you can make your own way to join the coach at either Dover Eastern Docks if we get the Ferry across to France or Folkstone if we get the Channel Tunnel. Both departs around 12.00pm. Call on our mobile and we will let you know the type of coach and coach company in due time. May God be with you!

If you cannot catch us before we cross the English Channel, you have to make your own way to the first campsite.


This is the spirit of the Tours. We believe that the best way to make the trip as enjoyable as possible and to meet new friends or learn new skills (like how to chop onions) is by getting involved as a true team member. We hope that everyone on the trip will "lend a hand" and be part of a team. It could be anything from helping to set up the cook tent to packing the coach to meal preparation and of course cleaning up afterwards - you will enjoy it. It’s all part of the fun package!!!


Paris boat cruise

Clothing: You will need mainly modest casual clothing and a swimsuit. Bear in mind that Europe does experience bad weather even in the summer. Be prepared for the worst by bringing along some warm and waterproof clothing. So bring along your winter jacket! A raincoat or umbrella might be envied by some wet macho individuals…you’ve been warned!

Useful items: Take a suitable supply of toiletries and personal medical items as these can be both expensive and scarce in some countries. They include your medicine, sun protection cream, sewing kit, soap or shower gel, torch, alarm clock, European socket adapter, compass, prayer mat, pen and notebook, toilet paper and slippers (for the shower).

Sleeping kit: You MUST bring a sleeping bag even if you choose to stay in cabins. We suggest a clever way of making a travelling pillow - put your winter jacket inside a pillow case. You can rent one from us for only £5 for the whole duration of a tour. If you want to buy a new sleeping bag then you should get one of good quality and suitable for 3/4 seasons (min 300gsm).
Argos stocks a good selection of sleeping bags at reasonable prices (UK only).

Luggage: The luggage allowance is a small/medium suitcase/backpack – preferably not an expensive one as they may suffer a few bumps and scratches, a cabin bag and your sleeping bag. Laundry facilities are available at all campsites so please pack light as space on the coach is limited.

Photos: Power points are available in various at the campsites for you to recharge your camera batteries but you will need a adapter - there are plenty of wonderful sights to photograph!


We strongly recommend all participants take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover medical expenses, accidents, lost or theft of personal belongings. For further information and quotation please click on the link: Travel Insurance


You need a valid passport. Malaysian citizens do not have to obtain a visa for this particular trip. Other nationalities need to make sure of their position regarding visas. You must check personally if you require visas for the tour (see www.ambafrance-uk.org) Whilst we will of course assist in this matter, the final responsibility is yours. Keep your passport with you and not in your suitcase which goes inside the underneath compartment of the coach. You will need it for cross-border checks when the coach enters another country.

FOR NATIONALITIES NEEDING VISAS - Malaysian passport holders do not need visa to join the tour.

The Schengen countries visa will cover all the countries on our tour. Apply at The FRENCH Embassy for 9 days 'Highlights of Europe' or the ITALIAN Embassy for 15 days 'Conquest of Europe'. For 'Andalusia', the SPANISH Embassy.

If you live in England, here are the links to the various embassies for instructions on how to apply for the Schengen visa:

FRENCH EMBASSY (for 9 days 'Highlights of Europe'): www.ambafrance-uk.org/How-to-apply-at-the-French-Visa

ITALIAN EMBASSY (for 16 days 'Conquest of Europe'): http://italy.embassyhomepage.com/.

SPAIN EMBASSY (for Andalusia tour ): www.spain.embassyhomepage.com/

Some General Guidelines (please check with the appropriate embassy on their exact requirements) :

It is a very good idea to sort out the visa as soon as possible. If the process does not go through smoothly, you’ll have plenty of time to follow up the matter. Participants should apply the visa from the relevant embassies in their country of residence.


Obviously this will vary from place to place as well as individuals. From experience, poor students (like us) could enjoy most of the trip with a mere £250 pocket money. You may find a credit card useful in case you have under estimated your spending. Regarding currency, we would advise you to change before you go either in the UK or Malaysia etc. (cheaper than changing at money changers in Europe). Swiss Franks can be obtain either from cash machine in Switzerland or Money changer in Swiss. Euro is also widely accepted in tourist areas of Switzerland.


This is only an estimate based on last year’s prices and should only be taken as a guide. The list below are some attractions which the tour manager feels you should not miss out.

Kelana Convoy Group T-Shirt




Excursions / Souvenirs

Euro / Swiss Franc

Equivalent £


Photo in Dutch costume



Canal cruise



Van Gogh Museum

7.00 (Adults)
2.50 (Children)

£6.00 (Adults)
£2.20 (Children)


Bruparc Atomium



Mini Europe




Jungfrau Mountain

137.00 SF (Adults)
20.00 SF (Children)

£77.00 (Adults)
£12.00 (Children)


Water Taxi to Venice



Gondola ride (seats 5 people)

20.00 per person

£18.00 per person


Eiffel Tower

1st platform 4.50
2nd platform 8.00
3rd platform 13.00


River Cruise



Louvre Museum

9.00, 6.00 after 3pm except Saturday

£8.00, £5.50 after 3pm except Saturday

Disneyland Paris

June - 39.00 (Adults)
          34.00 (Children)
July/Aug - 44.00 (Adults)
          36.00 (Children)

June - £35 (Adults)
           £31.00 (Children)
July/Aug - £40.00 (Adults)
           £33.00 (Children)


Please check carefully every time we change campsites that you have all your belongings with you, especially at the end of the tour. The coach may be used on another tour as soon as you leave it and we may not be able to return any items that you have left behind. We will not be responsible for any losses in these circumstances.


On taking a ride:

"Glory to Him who has subjected this to us, and we could never have it by our efforts"

(Surah Az Zukhruf 13)


Jama’ and Qasr for Zuhr/Asr can be performed at around 7pm in the campsite, and Maghrib/Isya’ at around 10pm. Fajr time at 3.30am, sunrise at around 4.30am and don’t forget your praying mat and compass.

Unmarried Couples joining the trip.

Unmarried Muslim Couples joining the trips are advised to respect the majority Muslims in the trip and respect Malay custom / ‘adat’ by not sharing tent and cabin accommodation. Please find fellow passengers of the same gender to share tent/cabin.


We welcome children joining the trip. We have had children in the past and they all had a great time. Before deciding upon joining the trip, it is very important that parents get the full picture of how the trip would be like so as to know what to expect from the trip. Some relevant information to consider is:

See Europe in 3-d

  • On some days we will be on the road for long hours in a day (see tour itinerary). However, we will be on a nice modern comfortable coach with reclining seats and we will stop every two hours to stretch the legs and for toilet. We will normally provide entertainment in the coach (e.g. watching video).
  • It is a good idea to bring a pushchair for young children while sightseeing.
  • A crying baby will disturb some passengers, it is up to the parents to consider if they can normally handle their baby so as to be considerate to others. So it really depends on the baby. We have had babies coming along in the past and they were brilliant.
  • Even though the trips are in the summer, sometimes the weather can get a bit cold and wet, especially at night and early morning in Switzerland. So everyone MUST bring his or her winter jacket, warm clothing and sleeping bag. In these conditions, it is a good idea to take up the option to sleep in cabins (for an extra charge of approx. £9 per person per night).
  • For information on prices for children please click here.


    We have compiled some information to help you organise your stay in London before/after the tour. Please click here for details.